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Gold Presents at American Philological Association

Barbara Gold
Barbara Gold

Barbara Gold, the Edward North Professor of Classics, attended the annual meeting of the American Philological Association in Chicago in January.  She organized a panel titled “Contingent Labor in Classics: The New Faculty Majority?" (with Chiara Sulprizio, who previously taught at Hamilton) and introduced the panel.

She also gave a paper at another panel sponsored by European Gender Studies in Antiquity (EuGeStA) titled “Theories and Practices in North American and European Gender Studies in Antiquity: Why and How We Need to Collaborate.”  Gold’s paper was titled “Classics and Gender Studies in 21-Century North America.”  She is on the board of EuGeStA. 

Gold also attended a meeting of the Professional Matters Committee, of which she is an elected member and which sponsored the panel on contingent labor.

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