Goldberg's Essay in German Exhibition Catalog

Stephen J. Goldberg
Stephen J. Goldberg

Associate Professor of Art History Stephen J. Goldberg published an essay, “On the Contemporary Art of Chinese Calligraphy,” with André Kneib, a professor in the Chinese Department at the École des Langues Orientales in Paris. The essay provides a perspective on the aesthetic issues that present themselves to contemporary calligraphers, foremost among them the revitalization and relevance of this quintessential traditional Chinese art form in this cultural moment of late modernity.


Goldberg’s essay appears in English and German in the catalog Bilder werden geschieban, The Art of Writing: Contemporary Art from Three Cultures, published in conjunction with the exhibition “The Art of Writing—Bilder werden geschrieban,” in Wiesbaden, Germany.  The exhibition is under the patronage of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Christian Wulff.

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