Goodale Publishes Two Chapters in Edited Volume

Nathan Goodale
Nathan Goodale
Nathan Goodale, visiting instructor in anthropology, published two chapters in Systèmes Techniques et Communautés du Néolithique Précéramique au Proche-Orient edited by Laurence Astruc, Didier Binder and François Briois. The chapters titled "Lithic Technology of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A and Late Natufian Occupations of 'Iraq ed-Dubb, Jordan," co-authored with Ian Kuijt, and "Chipped Stone Variability: An Overview of the PPNA Lithic Assemblage from Dhra', Jordan," coauthored with Ian Kuijt and Bill Finlayson, are representative of Goodale's research in the Near East on the origins of agriculture over the past seven years. The edited volume stems from the 2003 5th International Pre-Pottery Neolithic Lithic Workshop in Fréjus, France.

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