Gordon Kaye ’74 and his daughter, Sasha Kaye-Walsh ’05 have started a joint podcast project with the creative industry magazine, Graphic Design USA (GDUSA). “Conversations on Design” is a new weekly podcast series, conceived and produced by Sasha Kaye-Walsh. Each episode features a guest graphic designer or creative thought leader who is experienced in fields of design, advertising, and marketing. Gordon Kaye interviews each guest about their career journeys, what they do, and what challenges they have experienced.

about Gordon Kaye ’74

Major: Government

Volunteering: Alumni Leader on Alumni Council, Hamilton Alumni Recruitment Team (HART), and Career Center

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“The GDUSA Podcast: Conversations on Design” has already published six editions. However, the first episode, Kaye’s interview – with Scott Starrett – has gained national attention and success. Starrett is the graphic designer and visual strategist for high-profile and controversial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. During his interview with Kaye, Starrett spoke eloquently about the attempts by young designers to “design for good” – using their professional fields to enact positive social change as they see it.

In the episode, Kaye questioned Starrett about traditional political graphics, and how Ocasio-Cortez’s unique campaign broke the mold to create a new look for campaign strategy. Starrett helped to fabricate an entirely fresh look that suggested Ocasio-Cortez brought new, young, and revolutionary ideas to the political arena. Refer to the podcast’s GDUSA website for more information about Scott Starrett.

About Sasha Kaye-Walsh ’05

Major: Theatre

On-Campus Activities: Bobby Peru, Untitled @ Large

Sorority: Kappa Delta Omega

Career: Arts & Entertainment

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Sasha Kaye-Walsh was a Hamilton Theatre major with an MFA in acting from Rutgers University. In addition to the podcast, Kaye-Walsh works as a TV producer. Gordon Kaye is the editor and publisher of GDUSA magazine and website – a family business Kaye took over after practicing law for many years. He graduated from Columbia Law School and practiced law with a private firm and NBC Television Network. Kaye is also the immediate past President of the Hamilton Alumni Association.

The Kaye’s weekly podcast episodes are available on the GDUSA website, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and other numerous podcast platforms.

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