Millard Fuller, founder and presidentof Habitat for Humanity International, will speak at Hamilton College onThursday, April 10, at 7 p.m. in the Fillius Events Barn. Admission is freeand open to the general public.

Fuller founded "Habitat" with his wife, Linda, in 1976 and through theirleadership, the organization has become the largest, non-profit house builderin the U.S. and a major builder of houses in other countries.

Fuller was a self-made millionaire at 29, who became disenchanted with thedirection his life and marriage were going. He and his wife chose toreestablish balance in their lives by selling their possessions and searchingfor a new focus. They moved to Georgia and then to Zaire, Africa andestablished non-profit housing projects making homes affordable to low incomefamilies. The success of the Zaire project convinced them that such projectscould be established all over the world.

The birth of Habitat For Humanity International followed their return to theU.S. in 1976. The number of countries where Habitat has established projectscontinues to increase and is now in excess of 40, with over 1,300 affiliates inthe U.S.

Habitat's philosophy is based on what Fuller calls the "economics of Jesus."The Bible passage Exodus 22:25 says a person lending money to the poor shouldnot profit from such a loan. Fuller also incorporates the concept of sweatequity. Families that acquire a house through "Habitat" must participate inthe construction of it and ultimately pay a mortgage based on fair marketvalue.

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