Fiker Haile '19

Economics and mathematics double major Fiker Haile ’19 will join Deutsche Bank in New York City after graduation. After interning there last summer, she will now shift to a full-time position as an investment banking analyst.

 Alumnus Mark Fedorcik ’95, co-president of corporate & investment banking division, has spearheaded the effort to make Hamilton a target school for recruiting at Deutsche Bank. Over the last few years, he’s established Deutsche on campus and pulled several students into the summer internship program each year, resulting in full-time hires.       

about Fiker Haile ’19

Majors: Mathematics and economics

Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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See what Fiker Haile has to say about the path that led her to Deutsche Bank:  

What initially inspired you to pursue this career path?

I really did not know much about finance -- especially investment banking -- before coming to Hamilton. I heard about it as a side comment from one of my economics professors my first year. But the idea of being a 21- or 22-year-old recent graduate who helps companies with great ideas or business models get the funding they need really appealed to me. 

What is your major? How did you choose this major? How do you feel it has prepared you?

I double majored in economics and mathematics. For me, both departments are very complementary to one another. A great economist has to also be good at math and a mathematician needs to look at the bigger picture and [ask] how is this mathematical concept applicable to real life. In terms of preparation, I think both departments, like all of the departments at Hamilton, stress the importance of writing and speaking well. 

What were the most important skills you learned in your classes both inside and outside of your major?

Again, the ability to write and speak well is essential. I was lucky enough to take classes that really emphasized that. I also think that at Hamilton, we are challenged to critically analyze the world around us. Whether that is a dataset for an economics project, a mathematical theorem, or a reading for classics or an Africana studies course. I hope to use those skills in the future. 

How did you connect with Mark Fedorcik ’95? 

Mark Fedorcik ’95, with the help of other Hamilton alumni, runs the Hamilton team within Deutsche Bank’s corporate finance division. I was lucky to interview with them and connect with Mark my junior year. 

How have alumni helped prepare you for what’s next?

Many of them took the time to give me advice, look over my application materials (resume, cover letter, etc.), and do mock interviews with me. They were exceptionally helpful. I honestly don’t think I would be where I am without the support of the Hamilton alumni community.   

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