Hamilton and Emergency Responders Work Together in Drill

Hamilton Actors and Police Respond to Crisis
Hamilton Actors and Police Respond to Crisis
Hamilton conducted its planned emergency drill on its campus in conjunction with the New York State Police (NYSP) and local emergency responders on Tuesday, July 20. State Police special operations response teams from around the state joined the Oneida County Sheriff’s office, Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps (COCVAC), the Clinton Fire Department and other local police agencies in enacting this preparedness drill.

“The drill has provided Hamilton College with the opportunity to understand what emergency responders will need from us and what we can expect from them. The drill also allowed the Hamilton community to meet and become familiar with the local emergency responders,” said Director of Campus Safety Fran Manfredo. With the completion of this drill, the College has meet a newly established requirement of the Clery Act mandating colleges to test their emergency preparedness plans annually.

An estimated 75 – 100 emergency responders from five police agencies, two emergency medical services and one fire department were involved in the enactment along with approximately 50 individuals from the campus community recruited as actors. The drill involved a hostage situation.

The Kirner-Johnson Building served as the principal location for the drill although as the exercise unfolded, other buildings were also used.
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