Tuition and fees at Hamilton Collegewill increase next year, but by the lowest percentage in nearly 25 years.

Charges for the 1997-98 school year at Hamilton will be $22,700 for tuitionand required fees, $2,850 for room and $2,800 for the full board plan. Thetotal cost for attending Hamilton will increase 4.4 percent, to $28,350,compared with the current cost of $27,150.

The 4.4 percent figure represents the lowest percentage increase at Hamiltonsince fees rose by 3.4 percent in 1973-74. It is the third consecutive yearthat total charges have increased by less than 5 percent, and the seventhconsecutive year that the increase has been below 6 percent.

"Clearly, Hamilton and all colleges throughout the U.S. are responding to thefinancial constraints faced by many of our students and their families," saidVice President for Administration and Finance Daniel O'Leary. "At the sametime, we are meeting our commitment to provide America's top students with oneof the nation's best liberal arts educations."

In addition to keeping pace with the latest technology needs of students andfaculty, O'Leary said the added revenue will be used to compensate Hamilton'steachers at a level commensurate with other selective private colleges anduniversities.

O'Leary said the college will also increase the amount of institutionallyfunded scholarship aid for students by about $1 million, from the $10.2 millionbeing spent currently. "Those students who work hard and truly excel in theirsecondary school classrooms will always have a place here, regardless of theirfamilies' ability to pay the full cost of a Hamilton education," saidO'Leary.

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