Hamilton College Performing Arts Series to host Inti-Illimani - Hamilton College

Hamilton College Performing Arts Series to host Inti-Illimani

Hamilton College will present the Inti-Illimani on Friday, November 7, 1997 at 8:00 pm in Wellin Hall, Schambach Center for the Performing Arts. Inti-Illimani (Ayamara dialect: Inti - sun; Illimani - mountain near La Paz, Bolivia) is one of Chile's best-known groups. The group plays more than 30 wind, string and percussion instruments. In general terms, these instruments belong to the European, American Indian, African and Mestizo cultures which intertwine to form the rich and voluminous musical heritage of Latin American Continent.

Inti-Illimani recalls "the birth of the group (1967) coincided with an explosive vivifying political atmosphere in which we discovered our Latin American identity. Musicians traveled far and wide to the founts of indigenous folklore, which in our case took us to Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina. The folk songs, the sounds and rhythms of people's carnivals were like an electric charge for us. They helped us understand the importance of music as a vehicle for human expression and Andean music in particular as a pillar of Latin American culture."

The group, which has performed with such noted artists as Pete Seeger, Mercedes Sosa, John Williams, Paco Pena, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Tracy Chapman and Peter Gabriel, lived 15 years of their artistic life in political exile. Although Inti Illimani is permitted to live and work in Chile today, the group continues to tour and record - exploring and incorporating new cultures, sounds and instruments to its music, successfully blending their Latin American musical roots with those of other countries and cultures.

Tickets for the Inti-Illimani are $15 for adults and $5 for students. They may be obtained by calling (315) 859-4331.

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