Hamilton College Professor Receives NSF Award

Barbara Tewksbury, professor of geology atHamilton College recently received a grant from the National Science Foundationfor her project proposal "Preparing the New Generation of Geoscience Faculty:Workshops to Shape the Future."

The project is designed to prepare early career geoscience faculty to teach atthe undergraduate level and consists of four-day workshops that will be offeredannually for the next 3 years.

The workshops will address a variety of topics, including the basics ofteaching, active learning strategies, supervision of undergraduate research,grading and assessment and life as a new faculty member.

A series of follow-up activities, which includes the development of a websiteand presentations at professional meetings, is also planned. The goal of theproject is to provide concrete suggestions about "what works" in undergraduategeoscience teaching and to produce more effective teachers. Tewksbury isworking in conjunction with geoscience faculty from the College of William andMary and the University of Arizona. The first workshop will be offered inAugust.

Last October, Tewksbury was named the 1997 New York professor of theyear by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

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