The Hamilton College Campus ActivitiesBoard has released 400 main floor seats for the Thursday, April 24 Bob Dylanconcert at the Stanley Performing Arts Center in Utica. The performance is at 8p.m., tickets are $25 for the general public.

The college had held floor seats for purchase by members of the Hamiltoncommunity through April 21. They have now released all unsold tickets toTicketmaster for purchase by the general public.

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Dylan has been recording since 1958, andhad his first commercial release in 1962. Hailed by Life magazine asone of the 100 most important Americans of the 20th century, Dylanrevolutionized popular music by incorporating poetry and social consciousnessin his folk and rock compositions. From January 1964 until the time of hisnear-fatal accident in July 1966, Dylan released five landmark albums thatincluded some of his greatest works such as "Mr. Tambourine Man," "DesolationRow," "The Times They Are A-Changin'," "Visions of Johanna," and "Like aRolling Stone." In addition Dylan wrote and recorded numerous songs that werenever released on official albums. To this day he still records and performsworldwide.

Tickets can be purchased at any Ticketmaster outlet. For more information,call 859-4516.

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