Hamilton College to present Gilbert and Sullivan's Ruddigoreon February 5, 6 & 8 at Wellin Hal

The Hamilton College Department of Music presentsRuddigoreby Gilbert and Sullivan on February 5, 6 & 8 at 8:00 pm in Wellin Hall,Schambach Center for Music and the Performing Arts. The artistic stafffor the productionincludes Musical Director - G. Roberts Kolb, Stage Director -Catherine Daly,Choreographer - Leslie Norton and Technical Advisor - BillBurd.

Ruddigore, or The Witch's Curse, was the eighth full-length operaby Gilbert and Sullivan. The "new and orginal Supernatural Opera in Two Acts"premiered onJanuary 22, 1887, at the Savoy Theatre. Ruddigore tells the story ofthe latest in a line of baronets that has suffered a curse that requires thecurrent baron to commit a crime each day or suffer an unspeakably agonizingdeath. Besides the other inconveniences this produces, it also provides aserious obstacle to marriage for the current Baronet of Ruddigore, for hisbethrothed, who is unable to do anything - including marry - without findingjustification and direction from her constant companion, her book of Etiquette.This parody of the domestic melodrama so popular in Victorian England containssome of the famed collaborators' best work and has become a staple in theGilbert and Sullivan repertoire.

Tickets for Ruddigore are $6.00 - general admission, $4.00 - studentsand senior citizens and $2.00 - Hamilton College students. For ticketinformation, callthe Hamilton College Performing Arts Tickets office at 859-4331.

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