Hamilton Community Support for Boston

The Boston Alumni chapter would like to acknowledge the horrific events that took place in our city. We have been deeply saddened at the loss of life; distraught at the physical and mental anguish inflicted upon not only our citizens, but citizens of the world who came to challenge their bodies and cheer on runners. While the stories continue to come in from relatives and friends, we learned that one of our own young alums was at the finish line when the blast went off. Fortunately he was not seriously hurt in body.

We have also witnessed the great strength, resiliency, and empathy that the City of Boston has shown to the world during this time of stress and uncertainty. We are proud of our first responders, our doctors and nurses, our EMTs and above all our everyday citizens. The videos and pictures show people running back to help, putting themselves in danger but wanting to help.

We also see it in our alumni and current students. A vigil was held on campus to honor those who passed and to pray for peace. On May 4, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament will be held to raise funds in support of Boston recovery on campus. And we have been receiving messages from Alumni around the world who want to help. For this we are grateful.  The students and the Hamilton Alumni Association of Boston have identified www.onefundboston.org as a resource to help provide for those innocent victims of our fair city.  Or please feel free to reach out to us through the Boston Facebook page.

We are Hamilton strong, we are Boston strong.

Brian Chiappinelli '92, Boston Regional President
Maureen O'Brien '08, Boston GOLD Chair
Mariana Vinacur '09, Boston GOLD Chair

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