The productivity of economics faculty atAmerica's national liberal arts colleges, as measured by the number ofpublished articles in economics journals, ranks Hamilton College eighth overalland fourth when adjusted for department size.

The rankings were compiled by James E. Hartley and Michael D. Robinson andpublished in an article titled "Economics Research at National Liberal ArtsColleges: School Rankings." In their study, Hartley and Robinson ranked schoolsbased on the number of articles published by their faculty between 1989 and1994 in journals listed by the Journal of Economic Literature.

"The study offers further evidence why Hamilton's faculty is held in suchhighesteem," said Dean of the Faculty Bobby Fong. "The ability to balance themutually reinforcing roles of scholar and teacher, although not unique toHamilton, is nonetheless a defining characteristic of this institution."

Hartley and Robinson, in their study, cited the complementary nature ofteaching and research: "Teaching the latest discoveries in classes, supervisingstudent theses and other research, and preparing students for graduate schoolare some of the teaching activities that may be enhanced by facultyresearch."

Members of Hamilton's economic faculty had 31 articles published during thefive-year period of study, 16 fewer than top-ranked Williams (see Table 1 onreverse). However, when the rankings took into consideration the number offaculty in a department, Hamilton's economics department was the fourth-mostproductive in the country (see Table 2).

The study also ranked colleges according to the number of articles theirfaculty had published in the top 50 economics journals and then adjusted thoserankings for size. Again, Hamilton ranked eighth and fourth, respectively.



Rankings of National Liberal Arts College by Publications in all JEL-ListedJournals*


Table 1 -- Overall Ranking


School Number Rank

Williams College 47 1

Wellesley College 41 2

Colby College 39 3

Trinity College 38 4

Wesleyan University 38 4

Colgate University 37 6

Middlebury College 37 7


Claremont McKenna 30 9

Bowdoin College 27 10

Hobart & Wm. Smith 27 10

Union College 27 10



Table 2 -- Ranking Adjusted for Size of Department


School Number Rank

Hendrix College 4.0 1

Colby College 3.7 2

Trinity College 3.7 2


Claremont McKenna 3.3 5

Grinnell College 3.3 5

Wesleyan University 3.2 7

Middlebury College 3.1 8

Swarthmore College 2.8 9

Agnes Scott College 2.7 10



Tables are from "Economics Research at National Liberal Arts Colleges: SchoolRankings" by James E. Hartley and Michael D. Robinson.


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