Samantha Srinivasan, Thomas Duda, Alex Black and Jack Confrey presented posters at the Parilia classics conference on April 15.

The Classics Department hosted the annual undergraduate research conference, Parilia, with Union and Skidmore Colleges on April 15. For about 15 years, the conference has been held around the time of Rome’s birthday, April 21. The host college rotates among the three each year.

Papers were presented by two students from each college and four students from each presented posters.

Representing Hamilton, Kimberly Olsen ’16 presented a paper titled “Andromache’s Lament: Her Side of the Story.” Hannah Withiam ’16 presented “A Humanist Take on Homer’s Iliad: Comparing Nature Similes in the Iliad and Alice Oswald’s Memorial.” Both Olsen and Withiam major in classics.

Presenting posters were first-year students Alex Black with “Reflections of the Odyssey in Modern Gaming” and Jack Confrey with “Scholarly Interpretations in Mapping the Journey of the Odyssey.” Posters presented by sophomores were “Red Shirts: An Examination of the Importance of Heroes and the Expendability of their Non-Famous Enemies and Allies” by Thomas Duda, and “Cleopatra in Horace, Lucan, Shakespeare, and Bernard Shaw” by Samantha Srinivasan.

A grant from the Classical Association of the Atlantic States helped subsidize the conference.

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