Hamilton's Model U.N. team with Alexander Hamilton statue in New York City.

Hamilton’s Model United Nations team won second place in the small delegations category at the Columbia Model United Nations New York (CMUNNY) Conference, Sept. 28-Oct. 1, in New York City.  In addition to Hamilton College, 48 other delegations participated in the conference. The keynote speaker at the opening ceremony was H.E. Nasir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, the UN High-Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations.

Hamilton student attendees were Antton De Arbeloa ’21, Michael Goldstein ’20, Savannah Kelly ’21, Edsel Llaurador ’19, AlMahdi Mahil ’20, Kendall Meyer ’20, Lukas Puris ’20, and Majestic Terhune ’21. They represented various historical and political figures such as Emmanuel Macron of France and Vincenzo Rimi of the Sicilian Mafia. They also participated in a variety of crisis committees including Queen Elizabeth’s Councilors, 1586, and Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1637.

During the conference students practiced speech-making, debating and creative problem-solving skills, working to solve a series of impromptu crises that arose throughout the weekend. They faced threats including peasant uprisings, assassinations. and alien landings. Hamilton students worked with students from other colleges, striving to create alliances, further the goals of their assigned characters and stay alive.

Some Hamilton team members received individual awards.  De Arbeloa received an honorable mention, Mahil won an Outstanding Delegate award and Kelly won an award in verbal commendation.

Hamilton College Model United Nations has previously attended conferences at Yale University, Harvard University, and in Washington D.C. and expects to attend a conference at both Boston University and the University of Pennsylvania. Model United Nations is funded by Student Assembly.

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