Hamilton Professors Awarded Summer Grants

Timothy Elgren,assistant professor of chemistry, and Amie Macdonald, assistant professor ofphilosophy, at Hamilton College have been awarded faculty development grantsfor work during the summer of 1998.

Elgren who joined the faulty in 1993 was the recipient of the Class of 1966Career Development Award. The grant provides a $2,000 stipend "to enhance thequality of undergraduate teaching at Hamilton through the development of newideas and creative pedagogical approaches." He will spend the summerdeveloping laboratory projects to be used in a new biochemistry course. Thenew course will be designed to better prepare students for advanced courses inbiochemistry and to facilitate their transition from the instructionallaboratory to the research laboratory.

Macdonald who joined the faculty in 1992 was awarded a Class of 1963 FacultyFellowship. The $2,000 stipend is intended to provide faculty "withinspiration and incentive to become better teachers by developing additionalareas of expertise during the summer months." Macdonald's proposal isconcerned with transforming the history of philosophy curriculum at Hamilton tosupport a multicultural, intellectually sound foundation in the discipline.She has plans to restructure her introductory and seminar classes to includethe histories of African, Islamic and Asian philosophies, as well as thehistory of Western philosophy, which traditionally has been the exclusive focusof her courses.

Hamilton College is currently undergoing a curricular review.

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