Hamilton College has received its second grantin the past six months to significantly advance language instruction usingtechnological means.

The Charles E. Culpeper Foundation of Stamford, Conn., has awarded thecollegea $121,000 grant to purchase 20 computer workstations for student use and toconduct training sessions for faculty and the director of the languagelaboratory.

The Culpeper award follows joint receipt late last fall of an $850,000 grantto Hamilton and Colgate University for a collaborative project in languageinstruction and resource sharing.

"The equipment purchased through this grant will enable students of foreignlanguages to take advantage of the `new generation' of materials available nowand in the future for interactive language instruction," said G. Roberts Kolb,acting dean of the faculty. "The generosity of the Culpeper Foundation enablesour students to be more fully prepared for the global marketplace they willenter upon graduation."

Kolb said the new equipment will augment the college's existing audiotapefacility. A training workshop to provide language faculty with a hands-ondemonstration of currently available software is also provided for in thegrant, as is training for faculty in instructional courseware applications.

Among those whose students will benefit immediately from the Culpeper grantisHong Gang Jin, assistant professor of Chinese. A member of the Hamilton facultysince 1989, Jin has developed the major portion of a multimedia textbook inintermediate Chinese. Her work has been acknowledged by her peers for newpedagogical applications of technology in the teaching and learning of Chinese.

Kolb says other language faculty members also have invested in developing oradapting courseware for their classes. He expects the Culpeper grant willprovide students with new opportunities to take advantage of applications forinteractive language instruction.

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