Hamilton Responds to the Virginia Tech Tragedy


This message was sent to the Hamilton community on April 17.

Dear Members of the Hamilton Community,

Yesterday's massacre at Virginia Tech has shocked and touched us all. The horror of the events, and the fact that they took place on a college campus, affect us even though Blacksburg is miles away from Clinton. Our sympathy goes out to every member of the Virginia Tech community as they cope with this terrible tragedy.

To express our community's collective sorrow, the Chapel bell will toll for five minutes at 2 p.m. today – the same time that the Virginia Tech community will gather for its convocation. At this time you may wish to pause, reflect on yesterday's events, and express your own sense of sadness over the unspeakable loss of human life. Students affected personally by this tragedy are reminded that members of our Counseling Center staff are ready to offer assistance.

In the wake of yesterday's events, I want to assure you that the safety of our students, employees and visitors is always our primary concern. We have already begun to review our own comprehensive crisis plans to ensure that we have considered as many scenarios and solutions as possible. Our rapid and informed responses are important to our security, and we will continue to evaluate and modify our own plans accordingly.

I have sent condolences to President Steger at Virgina Tech, and encourage other members of our community to reach out to students and colleagues in Blacksburg.

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