Faculty, Staff and Alumnus Attend Robert Flaherty Seminar

Professors Martine Guyot-Bender, Scott MacDonald and Patricia O’Neill; Instructional Technologists Janet Simons and Krista Siniscargo; and Joshua Hicks ‘09 were part of this year’s Robert Flaherty Seminar, held from June 20-26 at Colgate University.

This was the 55th annual “Flaherty,” which was established by Francis Flaherty, widow of filmmaker Robert Flaherty (Nanook of the North), to honor her husband’s accomplishments and to promote independent filmmaking. Over the decades nearly every important contributor to independent film culture has been a guest of the Flaherty.

This year’s seminar, “Witnesses, Monuments, Ruins,” was curated by Irina Limbacher; it brought filmmakers, scholars, producers, film festival directors, media technicians and programmers from the U.S., Canada and the UK together for a demanding schedule of screenings and discussions. The seminar hosted experimental documentary filmmakers and video artists from Russia, Columbia, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Mauritania and Finland, and the U.S.
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