Hamilton Student Awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

Sangeeta Budhiraja, a senior women's studiesmajor at Hamilton College, was recently awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowshipfor the 1996-97 year. Each year the Watson Foundation carefully selects andfunds approx-imately 60 students nationally, from liberal arts institutions, toembark on a year of self-directed, independent study and travel.

As a Watson Fellow, Budhiraja will be traveling to India, South Africa, GreatBritain, Trinidad and Tobago. Her project, "Feminism in the Indian Diaspora,"will include educating various women's organizations on literacy, rape crisis,sterilization and birth control.

The Watson Fellowship was established in 1968 by the children of Thomas J.Watson Sr., the founder of IBM, and his wife, Jeannette K. Watson, in honor oftheir parents' long-standing interest in education and world affairs. Theprogram provides graduates of small liberal arts colleges an opportunity tospend a year overseas to independently explore a topic of their choice. Thisyear's Watson Fellows will be traveling to nearly 80 countries.

Winners were selected based upon their character, leadership and thewillingness to immerse themselves in new and different cultures. Watson Fellowsare known for developing creative, imaginative projects evolving from deeppersonal interests. Topics range from various concentrations, includingbusiness, science, humanities, social-science, music and the arts.

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