Hamilton Students and Professors Featured in access Magazine

Hamilton students and professors were featured in the Spring 2002 National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) publication, access.  The article, written by Katherine A. Caponi, is complemented by the group’s model of esperamicin A1 found on the publication’s cover.  Dreyfus Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Chemistry Steven Feldgus is very proud of the group’s publication in the supercomputing periodical. “This might be the only time that NCSA has done a story on an undergraduate centered research project,” said Feldgus.

The story tells how the NCSA is arming the Hamiltonians with the supercomputing resources necessary to engage in the war on cancer. According to the article, “Hamilton College joins the front line in computational research on enediynes, naturally occurring molecules commonly called biological warheads for their ability to bind to and split tumors’ DNA backbones.”  

Also credited in the article were Chantelle Rien ’03, Beth Hayes ’02, David Kelland ’05 and Professor of Chemistry George Shields. These and other students are continuing this line of cancer research this summer through an assortment of local and federal grants.

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