Anne Emanuels '16 and Sarah Lawler '16
Anne Emanuels '16 and Sarah Lawler '16

Hamilton students and faculty attended the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium
Upstate New York Undergraduate Research Conference at Hobart William Smith College on Saturday, Sept. 20. 

Hamilton was well represented at this one-day conference of undergraduate research covering a wide variety of disciplines.  Concurrent oral presentation sessions were held in the morning and poster presentation sessions were in the afternoon.  The conference was an opportunity for undergraduates from various disciplines to present research from independent studies, summer research or other research experiences to their colleagues from other institutions. 

Colleges and universities represented at the conference included host Hobart William Smith, and Colgate, Nazareth, Skidmore, St. Lawrence, Siena, SUNY Brockport, Union and Hamilton.

Hamilton students presenting were Megan Blair '16, Shannon Boley '17, Hannah Chappell '15, Anne Emanuels '16, Leigh Gianlanella '15, Brendon Kaufman '15, Crystal Kim '15, Nathaniel Lanman '15, Sarah Lawler '16, Nicole LaBarge '15, Chris Loan '15 and Lainie Smith '16.

Oral Presentations:

Shannon Boley.  Defining Spiritual Needs: Unique and Universal Catholic Traditions: A Look at the Ethnic History of Utica’s Catholic Churches.  (mentor S. Brent Rodriguez-Plate)

Hannah Chappell.  How Can We know the Dancer from the Dance?: Modern Exchanges Between Dance and Literature.  (mentor Onno Oerlemans)

Leigh Gialanella.  Reading the Way to Perfection: An Analysis of Print Culture in the Oneida Community.  (mentors Douglas Ambrose, Christian Goodwillie)

Brendon Kaufman.  Et si on Prenait un Selfie?: Shifting Attitudes Towards English Language Borrowing in France.  (mentor Roberta Krueger)

Crystal Kim. The Korean Fever for Education: An Examination of Historical Foundations, Cultural Transmittance, Educational Inequalities, and Social Issues. (mentor Susan Mason)

Nathaniel Lanman.  The Thought of Thought: Contemporary Inheritances of the Modernist Stream of Consciousness Narrative.  (mentor Benjamin Widiss)

Poster Presentations:

Megan Blair, Anne Emanuels, S. Macy Lawler and Chris Loan.  Western Diet and the db/db Mouse Model of obesity/diabetes. (mentor David A. Gapp)

Megan Blair, Anne Emanuels, S. Macy Lawler and Chris Loan.  Examination of Antispasmodic Herbal Extracts on Rat Jejunum and Ileum. (mentor David A. Gapp)

Nicole LaBarge. Climate Change in New York: Impact on Local Farms and Food Production. (mentor Frank Sciacca)

Lainie Smith.  The Growth and Adaptation of Yogic Medicine.  (mentor Abhishek Amar)

Hamilton faculty Roberta Krueger and David Gapp attended with the students.

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