Hamilton Students Celebrate Earth Day

On April 22, the Hamilton Environmental Action Group (HEAG) and the Hamilton College Humane Organization (HCHO) celebrated Earth Day with several events and activities to raise awareness about health and environmental issues. The Hamilton Environmental Action Group sold organic Earth Day shirts, distributed green ribbons, and created a "Trash Mountain" on Martin's Way that showed approximately how much garbage the campus creates in one day. HEAG is also conducting a survey of Hamilton students and faculty to gain information they hope will help them address environmental problems on campus. The Hamilton College Humane Organization, in conjunction with the college's food provider, Bon Appetit, held "Veg Out 2004" in McEwen dining hall. Only vegetarian dishes were served, and information was available about vegetarianism and veganism. The HCHO also showed a video called a video from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals called "Meet Your Meat" in Café Opus throughout the afternoon. The video discussed the factory farming system and reasons for going vegetarian.
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