During the spring semester, 27 Hamilton students taught Spanish to students at Clinton Elementary School. The Hamilton students participated in a training workshop in order to learn about teaching methods and to discuss lesson plans. The program began in February and continued through the end of the semester.

Hamilton students taught during recess, which allowed the Clinton and Hamilton students to play active games either inside or outside. These games, such as “Red Light Green Light,” were a big hit with the Clinton students.

Throughout the program, groups of Hamilton students taught once a week and prepared activities, lesson plans and games. The groups taught students from different grades, ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. Visiting Instructor of Hispanic Studies Maria Portal, Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies Christine Fernández, Elisa MacColl ’16 and Emily Hess ’16 coordinated the program.

Other Hamilton volunteers were Erin McCulloch ’16, Eddie Brennan ’19, Michelle Guaman ’18, Catherine Lyndaker ’18, Brisa Camacho-Lovell ’16, Elizabeth Maier ’19, Denisse Rodriguez Mota ’16, Julie Katter ’18, Sam Weeks ’19, Rachel Cady ’19, Sabrina Boutselis ’19, Paula Ortiz ’18, Rosalie Campbell ’18, Katja Dunlap ’18, Lona Sniderman ’19, Daniela Gonzalez ’19, Christina Plakas ’19, Alex Scheuer ’18, Eli Lichtman ’18, Micaela Rostov ’19, Jake Altman-Desole ’19, Fletcher Sherrod ’18, Emma Weller ’19, Emily De Jong ’19 and Jackie Bussgang ’19.

The program has been running for four years and will continue next year.

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