The Hamilton College CampusActivities Board will present singer/songwriter and master guitarist PatsyLarkin as a part of its award winning Acoustic Coffeehouse Series. The concertwill take place on Thursday, Dec. 5 at 8 p.m. in the Fillius Events Barn.Tickets for the performance are $5.

An artist whose music is not bound by genre, Larkin refers to her style as"folk music meets the beat generation meets rock `n roll." New YorkTimes critic Stephen Holden called her work "comparable to the best ofBonnie Raitt." She has travelled a varied musical journey, from studying musictheory, to playing in a Celtic band, to the preeminent position as acousticguitar wizard that she holds today.

Larkin is an all-round entertainer, able to juxtapose serious, socially awareperspectives with ironic and often comic material. With her striking voiceand exquisite songcraft, her performances are not only highly melodic, but alsotheatrical. "I'm into the lyric, the contour of a song, how the lyrics affectpeople. I want the listener to experience the songs and make them their own,use their imagination and come along for the ride."

Playing about 150 shows a year, Larkin has been a guest on every majortelevision network, including CNN's Showbiz Today, NBC's TodayShow and CBS's This Morning. She has won nine Boston Music Awards(a record) and earned a Distinguished Alumnae Award from the Berklee College ofMusic.

With the release of Strangers World, her sixth album, Larkin appearsdestined to achieve an even higher level of critical acclaim. The album comeson the heels of her highly-praised Angels Running which landed Top 10 onAdult Album Alternative Radio. Strangers World is her most adventurousrelease yet. It is full of percussive rockers and richly textural ballads, andis peopled with an all-star lineup including guest vocalists Bruce Cockburn,Shawn Colvin, Jennifer Kimball and Jonatha Brooke (of The Story).

The Patsy Larkin concert is the final performance of the four-part AcousticCoffeehouse fall series.

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