Andrew Rippeon, right, explains letterpress printing.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Literature Andrew Rippeon was interviewed for an article about the return of letterpress printing at Hamilton College in Wired.com.

The article, How Letterpress Printing Came Back From the Dead, said, “At Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, literature professor Andrew Rippeon teaches his students how to handset type in a letterpress studio while also nudging his protégés to advance the craft. One student, Luke Gernert, became captivated by the elaborate, ornamental type created by Louis Pouchée in the early 1800s, which he had seen printed in books. Working solely off those books, Gernert managed to model and then 3D print versions of Pouchée’s original ornate wood blocks that he could use in the college’s letterpresses.

Luke Gernert ’17 is a May graduate of Hamilton.

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