Hannah Carlisle ‘14 came to Hamilton to host an info session and workshop for students titled “Innovation Across Consulting and Business.” She spoke about her experience working as a consultant in the Strategy & Operations department at Deloitte Consulting LLP, specifically in reference to her work at Deloitte Greenhouse.

about Hannah Carlisle '14

Majors: Sociology and World Politics

Campus Activities: H.A.L.T (the Hamilton Alumni Leadership Training Program), Model EU, Model UN, and WHCL

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Deloitte Greenhouse is a research-based, immersive and innovative new way for Deloitte clients to solve business challenges. Carlisle helps to develop and design labs for some of their biggest global clients.

She describes her work as  “a little bit of everything,” but primarily it is a way to “encourage people to get outside of their comfort zone” and embrace creative problem-solving techniques. Carlisle looks for immersive and innovative ways to disrupt ordinary workplace thinking and tailor each lab with a human-centered focus.

She stressed the importance of asking the question “what would I want?” when analyzing problems, regardless of one’s occupation.



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