Hannah Mauck '10 is Named Hamilton's First 2009-10 GOLD Scholar

Hannah Mauck '10
Hannah Mauck '10
Thanks to the generous support of young alumni, Hamilton is pleased to name Hannah Mauck '10 of Newton, Mass., as its 24th GOLD Scholar. Hannah recently sat down to reflect on her Hamilton experience so far, and here’s what she shared.

High School: The Noble and Greenough School
Art History
Campus activities:
Senior Admissions Intern, painting, yoga
Last Movie Seen in Theaters:
Where the Wild Things Are
Favorite Movie:
Out of Africa
Favorite Song:
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright by Bob Dylan
Favorite Place You’ve Lived on Campus:
Samuel Eells House
Last Book Read:
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
Favorite Book:
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski
Reading, knitting, yoga, being with friends and family, long road trips, baking
Place on Campus:
The Root Glen during the fall
Campus Dining Location:
Opus (1 and 2)
Fondest Hamilton Memory:
So many, but the snow day my freshman year was wonderful. It was the first snow day in a really long time. Everyone was so cozy and excited to be here for such a big storm, and it was great to see everyone out in the snow playing, snowshoeing and cross country skiing the rest of the week!
“People protect what they love.” – Jacques Cousteau
Describe your parents and family members?
My parents are both part of school communities; my father is an English teacher at the high school my brother and I attended, and my mother is a speech pathologist in an elementary school. My parents are both incredibly generous, warm, kind and bright people, and have been teachers to my brother and me our entire lives. From them we learned responsibility, kindness and compassion at a young age. One of the most important lessons I learned from my family is the importance of perspective, and I think understanding balance in life is an invaluable skill.
My younger brother is a freshman at Bates and is smart, funny and wonderful.  My family also has a 16-year-old dog named Bandit, who loves to eat and sleep and not much else. He is the source of constant amusement and attention for my family.
How did you discover Hamilton?
My high school college counselor put Hamilton on my list of possible colleges and kept telling me to look there. I visited during the summer before senior year and then again in the fall. Seeing the College when school was in session and students were on campus made all the difference for me. There was a really great vibe on campus; I could tell that everyone (professors, students and staff) really wanted to be here and were supportive of each other. I went home that night and the next day told my counselor I wanted to go to Hamilton.
What were your first impressions of the College? Do you find they’re still true today?
My first impressions were that people were incredibly friendly and warm, that campus was strikingly beautiful and that it felt like home to me almost immediately. These impressions have never faded, but grow stronger every day I'm here. As a senior admission intern I often tell prospective students that many different types of people are happy at Hamilton, and to me that is such a unique and wonderful thing. It makes me so happy that everyone loves the College for his or her own unique interests and reasons, but that we all share our love for Hamilton, our home, together. Returning to the Hill after a semester abroad in India really cemented these feelings.
What are your plans after Hamilton?
I hope to travel as much as possible. Studying abroad was an incredible experience for me and I learned so much about myself by exploring a new country. I think it is important to be a citizen of the world and by traveling to foreign places and meeting new people we can enrich everyone’s life. Eventually I would like settle into a job in the academic world; I think that being around educators and students would be very satisfying and rewarding. I really enjoy working in the Admission Office this year, so perhaps I'll look at admission or even teaching later on. Wherever I end up, I never want to stop learning. 
What advice or perspective would you share with alumni?
I would tell alumni how important it is to keep in touch with the College and give back as much as they can to the school, because all of us are given so much during our time here. I hope that I don’t ever lose touch with Hamilton after I graduate, and I hope to give back to the school as much as I can, even if it is only token gift. 
I think it’s also important to recognize that even though every student and class are unique, Hamilton students and alumni share fundamental qualities such as honesty, integrity and strong senses of identity. From where I sit, no matter if you’re a student or alumnus/a of any generation, the essence of the Hamilton student remains true to its roots. If you look closely, alumni can always see a bit of themselves in the current student body.
GOLD Scholars is an initiative supported by the Annual Fund, which has always provided direct support for the College's most important current priorities, especially scholarship aid. Since 2006 gifts from the GOLD Group – Graduates of the Last Decade – specifically support students on campus. With each $15,000 increment collectively contributed, the College will select a student as a GOLD Scholar for 2009-10.
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