Hashem Zikry '13 Enters Medical School at Mt. Sinai Medical Center - Hamilton College

Hashem Zikry '13 Enters Medical School at Mt. Sinai Medical Center

Hashem Zikry '13 outside Ferguson House.
Hashem Zikry '13 outside Ferguson House.

Hashem Zikry ’13 may not seem like your typical medical student. During his time at Hamilton he was an English and government double major and a leader of the men’s track and field and cross country teams, seeking to create a balance between different subject material and activities. His success in doing so has earned him a place at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, a school that looks for students who excel in the sciences but who have pursued other interests in college.

Zikry explained that the Sinai program hopes to “create well-rounded physicians who can communicate well with patients and understand their concerns.” Zikry feels that this balanced approach will build on his experiences at Hamilton. He remarked that “the goals of Hamilton and the Sinai program are in line with each other. I really see my time at Sinai as a continuation of a process that started at Hamilton and not a new start.”

Zikry took full advantage of the diverse Hamilton curriculum, mentioning classes with Professor Ian Rosenstein in chemistry and Professor Margaret Thickstun in English as particularly influential. He hopes to use the skills he gained at Hamilton to communicate effectively with patients and to continue applying an “intense intellectual discipline” that he learned  from balancing a daunting variety of commitments. Despite the inherent challenges, Zikry emphasizes how much he has gained from a well-rounded career at Hamilton: “I got to study everything that I loved at Hamilton without feeling that I was missing out on other intellectual pursuits, while still feeling prepared to pursue the career I know I want.”

At the moment, Zikry is focused on the near future. He explains that getting through the first year at Mount Sinai is his “current major goal in life.” He also hopes to run a fast half marathon and see the Yankees win the World Series, once again showing his penchant for balance. Down the line, Zikry is interested in pursuing sports medicine, building on his substantial athletic experience in track and cross country. He commented, “Given my time running at Hamilton and the countless hours I spent dealing with injuries and trying to explain my situation to doctors, I think I would be well suited to pursue some type of primary care sports medicine discipline.”

Finally, Zikry stresses the importance of the relationships he formed at Hamilton. He asserted, “My time at Hamilton has helped me immensely in understanding the importance of fostering relationships with teachers across all disciplines . . . these relationships and the skills that Hamilton helped develop to form them is probably the most important tool that I take with me off to medical school.”

Zikry is a graduate of the Collegiate School in Manhattan.

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