Here Comes The Edgy XFL, Oh My!

Some sports ethicists say this incarnation of football, and all the glitz surrounding it, tilts toward a questionable form of entertainment that could degrade the sport.  "This seems more like violence where violence is the intent to hurt a player...[in order] to cause excitement, " says Robert Simon, an ethics professor at Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y....  The XFL is teetering on a slippery slope, one that slides away from true sport to one of a search for entertainment through showing violence, some ethicist say....  "Some slippery slopes aren't real, but this one seems to be very dangerous in terms of the consequences, " says Mr. Simon, who wrote the book "Fair Play: Values, Sports, and Society."  He worries about some of the violence being misinterpreted by younger viewers.  The advertised intensity of the game, he says, harkens back to the brutal play of college football teams at the turn of the century.

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