Students shared tales of their Outing Club travails and triumphs with WHCL listeners.

The Hamilton Outing Club (HOC) recently collaborated with WHCL, the college’s radio station, to present Hamilton Hum-The Great Outdoors a student storytelling event.

Students gathered in the cozy couches and armchairs of Opus 1 to hear their peers tell tales of adventures and misadventures big and small in the outdoors. Maddy Frederick ’17 opened the event with the story of a bear encounter in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and for the next hour the audience gasped, laughed and listened with rapt attention to stories of canoe trips forced to hike along highways because of flood waters, turbulent and eventful bush plane flights, nights alone in the solitude of the desert, and, of course, a few more wildlife encounters ranging from inquisitive bears to overly aggressive squirrels and chipmunks.

“I was pleased with how it went,” said Lindsay Buff ’17, staff and programming director at WHCL. “We’ve done a number of Hamilton Hum events in the past and we’ve recently started having every event be centered around a particular theme to try and boost attendance and it’s been working!” she noted, an assertion backed by the sizeable audience that took an hour out of their Sunday night to tell and listen to stories.

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