Home Schooling

...According to estimates provided by School, Home & Office Products Association (SHOPA), it is estimated that close to 1.5 million children are being home schooled in the year 2000, up from an estimated 10,000 home schoolers in 1980... Mitchell Stevens, assistant professor of sociology at Hamilton College, NY, and author of Kingdom of Children: Pedagogy and Politics in the Home Education movement (due out Spring, 2001) says that the home schooling movement began in the late 1970's. It was a combination of the Alternative School Movement of the 60's and 70's, John Holt's Unschooling Movement, and Protestant, Evangelical Conservative Fundamentalists. Each group joined for separate reasons. The left, libertarian counter-culture group felt that schools were overly bureaucratic and socially incorrect. The conservative groups felt that the school system had inappropriate values. These two diverse factions manage to agree on one thing, both groups feel that home schooling is an important option for their children.
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