How I Got My First Job with Jaclyn Schuck '10

My job search started over the summer where I worked for Mad Science, a program designed to make science learning fun and enjoyable. I worked as a summer instructor. Though I worked in the Hudson Valley, Mad Science is a franchise that can be found all over the country and I recommend it to any science/math/teaching interested student (like myself) for a summer job and beyond (they also do after school programs and birthday parties which I occasionally take part in).


I then wanted to find a job for the next year before I go back to school in fall 2011. I tried office jobs, environmental internships, teaching fellowships, and even retail. I must have sent out 20-30 resumes to get one call back from a retail store near my house. I started this job, but I realized this was not what I went to Hamilton for and it was also not going to advance me any further in my academic career. I then started emailing local community colleges in hopes that a Teaching Assistant position in math or science was available. This would provide experience for when I applied as a TA at my grad school to help fund my education. I emailed four departments in each of four surrounding schools. I got one email back. That email was from the head of the math department who, unfortunately, did not have any job openings. However, the college offered a tutoring center that was in need of tutors. I talked with the women in charge, and she gave me the job on the spot. I am now a full-time professional math tutor at SUNY Orange with a part time job on the side.


I guess my advice to recent grads or students looking for jobs would be to just keep sending out resumes, emails, etc. without feeling hopeless. Something always works out. And, if the jobs do not come to them, go to the jobs. There was never a listing for any college level tutoring, but I seemed to have found it. I recommend tutoring at the college level for any recent grad, since most positions only require a BA. Tutoring in math/science (bio, chem, physics) is more often than not always needed, but there is also position for other subjects as well (writing, reading, foreign language, etc).

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