How Mrs. Clinton Might Function In Clubby Senate; Celebrity Will Make Her One Of The Most Prominent, and Most Scrutinized, Members.

Hillary Rodham Clinton now holds two titles never before strung together: first lady and senator-elect... "If she holds a press conference, every network in the country is going to show up," says Philip Klinkner, a government professor from Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y. "It's been a long time since we've had someone that was this much of a political celebrity coming out of the gate." The closest is Robert Kennedy in 1964. He, too, had an important position in the White House, thanks to a familial connection. He ran for Senate in New York, was tagged as a carpetbagger, and won -- although not with as substantial a victory as Clinton. When he arrived on Capitol Hill, he was met with some suspicion. "A lot of people wondered if he was a dilettante, and a lot of people loyal to Lyndon Johnson wanted to freeze him out," says Professor Klinkner. "But he really proved himself, showed that he was serious about legislation, and grew in the job."

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