Huffington Post Publishes Article by Lesley Ryder '11

Lesley Ryder '11
Lesley Ryder '11

The Huffington Post has published an article by Lesley Ryder '11 titled "After Hamilton, Chasing a Dream." Ryder reflects on her experiences as a Hispanic student at Hamilton, beginning with her participation in the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education opportunity program (HEOP) the summer before her freshman year. "By the end of the program, I had worked with some of the best professors Hamilton had to offer. I felt ready," she says. She commends the college for its commitment to diversity and admitting students regardless of financial need and describes Hamilton as a "safe" and "respectful"community.


At Hamilton, Ryder majored in biology. She played women's rugby and ice hockey and was president of Gamma Xi. She was an orientation coordinator, a tour guide, and vice president of the Student Assembly. Currently she is pursuing musical theater, but ultimately plans to pursue higher education administration with a concentration in student affairs.


Read her full story, or read her Aug. 15 article "Student Debt: Only a Little Scary."

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