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Huffington Post Publishes Klinkner Essay

Philip Klinkner
Philip Klinkner

The Huffington Post published an essay by Philip Klinkner, the James S. Sherman Professor of Government, titled “Breaking up California: The Political Impact” in December. Klinkner provided a political analysis of investor Tim Draper’s proposal to split California into six states.

Evaluating the number of electoral votes that each state would have had, Klinkner reviewed the 2012 presidential election and determined that there would have been gain of 12 electoral votes for Romney and a loss of 2 electoral votes for Obama. He concluded his essay, however, with this caveat: “…there's no way to determine what would happen if the candidates were to actively compete for votes in these new states, something that doesn't happen now since California's overwhelming Democratic tilt means that neither party will expend resources there. Still, it's safe to say that Draper's plan represents a slight advantage for Republicans over the current system.”

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