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Patrick D. Reynolds
Patrick D. Reynolds

The Huffington Post published an opinion piece co-authored by Dean of Faculty Patrick Reynolds titled “The Liberal Arts Contribution to edX.”  The piece explored the fact that “the residential liberal arts model that our institutions and many other liberal arts colleges have embodied for two centuries has something to contribute to the open online platform: promoting a wide exploration of knowledge and the reciprocal illumination of seemingly disparate disciplines through critical thinking, discourse and writing.”

Published on March 31, the oped was co-authored by Colgate Provost and Dean of the Faculty Douglas Hicks. Explaining the relationship between the two institutions, the two deans wrote “Our two schools are doing so as partners, a unique arrangement in this evolving platform that exploits our proximity in upstate New York and our common commitments to teaching and scholarship. This partnership will produce technological collaboration through the sharing of IT staff and facilities. More significant, it creates opportunities for shared pedagogical reflection and analysis among faculty members on our two campuses.”

In defining their goals in this new alliance with edX, the authors wrote, “Our liberal-arts institutions enter the open online environment with a number of clear goals. We are encouraged at the prospect of engaging our global alumni networks in a new, dynamic way, sustaining intellectual relationships with life-changing professors long after graduation. We also see tremendous potential for public scholarship and educational outreach, a highly motivating opportunity to many of our faculty members.”

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