Human Services Resource Center at Hamilton College toHost Provider's Forum

The Oneida County Human ServicesResource Center at Hamilton College will host a social needs forum at MohawkValley Community College on Friday, Jan. 30. The event, which will bringtogether many providers of social services in Oneida County, will begin at 9a.m.

The forum will include a 30-minute slide presentation highlighting currentstatistical data of social indicators that measure the needs of certainpopulations in Oneida County. Local population trends in several areas,including poverty, education and health will be discussed.

Social indicators have long been used as public policy research tool todetermine the needs of various "at risk" populations. The presentation will befollowed by a question and answer period, after which there will be facilitatedsmall group discussion. Forum attendees will include providers of humanservices, as well as County Executive Ralph Eannace and John Dingman, chairmanof the Oneida County Human Services Funder's Council.

The presentation will be made by Resource Center Research Coordinator KimberlyTorres and Hamilton student researchers Christopher Plecs and Robert Wild.Over the last six months, the research team has worked in conjunction withseveral county agencies to compile data and measure over 40 socialindicators.

"This forum is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is interested ingaining a holistic view of social service needs in Oneida County," says Torres."It is also a wonderful occasion for suppliers of a wide variety of services tomeet and discuss coordination of their efforts which will result in a betterallocation of resources." Torres and her team will use feedback from the forumto identify other key indicators and to refine their findings

County Executive Eannace stresses that "the Resource Center is a good exampleof various sectors working cooperatively to facilitate progress in OneidaCounty."

The Resource Center, the brainchild of the Oneida County Funder's Council, isbased at the Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center at Hamilton College and beganoperation in April 1997. The Center brings together Oneida County and UnitedWay planners with Hamilton faculty and students to address human services needsin the county.

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