No Career Direction? Find your way with FOCUS assessment

“I have no idea what I want to do with my life and I just need some direction”

Do those words describe how you feel? Making a career decision can be a daunting task. And the Career Center staff understands that and wants to help you! A great place to start is FOCUS, an on-line tool to help you identify your interests, skills, and personality traits and get a list of possible careers to explore.  FOCUS is free for Hamilton students, visit the Career Center assessment page to get started. Read on for other student experiences with this tool:

"I used FOCUS as a tool to suggest to me possible career avenues that I had not previously thought about but would be interesting to me. The results of the multiple assessments gave me a helpful list of career choices, and because I was filling out the answers at JumpStart, I was able to review my results with the guidance of a career center staff member.  It was most useful because I kept in mind that my career matches on FOCUS were suggestions for fields to investigate further and did not get hung up on thinking that I definitely needed to become an animal breeder or air traffic controller. " -Maggie Doolin ‘14

"I first used the FOCUS program during a seminar on identifying possible careers at the Sophomore Jumpstart program.  I found it very helpful for consolidating information about lots of different possible jobs/careers for reference whenever.  I also liked how it combined more criteria than other similar career aptitude tests I had taken in the past in school.  Its very easy to access jobs you were interested in at a later date.

I think it is important to remember with a program like FOCUS that sometimes it's easy to fall in love with a particular job you find on there.  It's still up to you to do further research, especially talking with people who have that job and maybe some who considered the job, but chose a different job instead, and find out why they chose something else.  FOCUS is definitely a good starting block, especially someone who wants to know more about what kind of major they should be getting, or has no idea what they want to do, but it is not the be all end all.  It is still up to the individual to follow up with proper research."
-Dan Mermelstein '14

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