NY Times Profiles New Law Schools

The New York Times, in its Feb. 15 edition, featured two new Florida law schools set to open this fall. Both schools, according to the Times article, were established "at universities with high minority enrollments, in an effort to bring more blacks and Hispanics into legal careers without using affirmative action."

Percy R. Luney Jr., a 1970 Hamilton graduate, is dean of the Florida A&M University School of Law in Orlando. He is quoted in the article as saying, "We're looking for a commitment to public service and asking every applicant for a personal statement. It's fair, because we're doing that for everybody. What we're about is training lawyers interested in serving poor and lower-middle-income people."

Luney, who came to Florida A&M after serving as president of the National Judicial College, is a former dean of the North Carolina Central School of Law in Durham.

The article was titled "Florida Tests Diversity at 2 Law Schools," and appeared in the "national" section of the newspaper. Florida International University in Miami was the other law school featured in the story.

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