Introducing Comparative Politics: Concepts and Cases in Context

According to the publisher,Introducing Comparative Politics: Concepts and Cases in Context offers an innovative hybrid approach to the field by organizing the chapters thematically around important concepts in comparative politics; in turn, each chapter is framed by questions including who rules?, what motivates political behavior? and where and why? Within each chapter, the authors have integrated a set of extended case studies based on a selection of ten core countries.


“I thoroughly enjoyed Introducing Comparative Politics. The book’s organizing framework is quite clear and well done, and the mini-cases throughout the text are well-selected.” - Clement M. Henry, professor of government at The University of Texas at Austin

Introducing Comparative Politics is a very user friendly and comprehensive text with an innovative design. It combines a very useful degree of theory and defining concepts with interesting case studies. Its special strength is to interweave the case studies within each chapter, such that the issues are highlighted instead of just the political history.” - Scott Morgenstern, associate professor of political science at the University of Pittsburgh

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