Introduction to the Economics of Financial Markets

According to the publisher, the book’s central theme is “that the function of a system of financial markets is to enable consumers, investors, and managers of firms to effect mutually beneficial intertemporal exchanges.” Bradfield “presents an intuitive, and introductory, understanding of the primary theoretical and empirical models that economists use to analyze financial markets, and then uses these models to discuss implications for public policy.


"Students who use this text will acquire an understanding of the economics of financial markets that will enable them to read, with some sophistication, articles in the public press about financial markets and about public policy toward those markets. The book is addressed to undergraduate students in the liberal arts, but will also be useful for undergraduate and beginning graduate students in programs of business administration who want an understanding of how economists assess financial markets against the criteria of allocative and informational efficiency.”


According to Colgate University Assistant Professor of Economics Daniel Jubinski, "Professor Bradfield has written a wonderful book on the Economics of Financial Markets. It's one of the few texts focusing on the economics of securities markets and their operation. Professor Bradfield starts with the basics, but moves on to present extremely complex financial concepts in a transparent and intuitive manner. This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone seeking to understand how economists view the efficiency (informational and otherwise) of financial markets and securities.”

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