Isserman Writes Opinion Piece in Observer-Dispatch

Maurice Isserman
Maurice Isserman
An opinion piece written by the James L. Ferguson Professor of History Maurice Isserman titled "'Pro-life' killer destroys another human life" was published in the Sunday, June 7, edition of The Observer-Dispatch. He discussed the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a physician who performed abortions, by Scott Roeder, an anti-abortion activist.

Isserman addressed the consequences of words used by those protesting abortion. "'Shouting "fire!' in a crowded movie theater can lead to tragedy. So can shouting words like 'baby-killer' and 'mass murderer' and 'Nazi' and 'Holocaust,'" Isserman continued, "But I think they … need to do some soul-searching about the rhetoric employed by their spokesmen. Or else this won't be the last time that a 'pro-life' killer destroys another human life."
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