It's no secret... Careers in Health Care are abundant and growing fast!

You know the obvious: MD, nurse, vet, dentist, etc. But what are other options? Healthcare Careers is a nifty site that enables you to search and identify health care options from a pool of 118 professions using criteria such as annual salary & years in school. Here are just a few...


Anesthesiologist Assistants are highly skilled professionals who work under the direction of licensed anesthesiologists. Under supervision, they operate anesthesia equipment, monitor patients, and assist in providing quality care.


Cytotechnologists are laboratory professionals who study cells and cellular anomalies. Using a microscope, they examine slides of human cells for any indication that a cell is abnormal and/or diseased (i.e., cancerous or precancerous lesions, infectious agents, or inflammatory processes).


Environmental Health Advocates are public health officials who work to identify potential threats to public health, increase awareness about the situation, and give people the facts they need to protect their health. Environmental health advocates partner with health care professionals to establish health guidelines, which they then promote through local, state and national awareness campaigns.


Biogerontologists are scientists who study what happens to our bodies as we age. Some biogerontologists go one step further, seeking ways to “slow down” and even reverse the aging process.

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