Jake Muirhead '86 Concludes Print Exhibition

Jake Muirhead '86
Jake Muirhead '86

Jake Muirhead '86 recently had a solo exhibition, New Prints by Jake Muirhead, at The Old Print Gallery in Washington, DC. The show featured twenty still lifes and landscapes, which the Georgetowner called "captivating and elusive, like sensory memories, leaving the audience contemplating a strong and immediate intimacy with the works."


Muirhead said of his own work, "These prints are about the interplay between observation and imagination.  While the imagery does resolve itself into recognizable subjects, there are also passages that wander freely into space. When working on a plate, I want the marks to move in and out of the world of figurative description.  If a line can be seen as both descriptive and a pure mark- suggestive of any number of things but untethered to anything specific, it breathes and has life."


Muirhead currently serves as Associate Printmaker at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, Maryland and teaches drawing at Montgomery College.  He has exhibited his work in numerous national and international exhibitions.


At Hamilton, Muirhead majored in art. He went on to earn his MFA from George Mason University.

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