Jed Barash ’01.

Jed Barash ’01 has recently been recognized for his work researching amnesia as a component of the opioid epidemic. Barash and other colleagues are researching the patterns of brain damage in cases of addiction.

As the medical director at the Soldiers’ Home health-care facility in Chelsea, Mass., Barash conducts research on the less explored side effects of opioid addiction. The Atlantic wrote a story about Barash, in which it reported his involvement with a string of anterograde amnesia pattern cases in Massachusetts.

The article says that, as a neurologist working at Burlington’s Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, Barash treated a patient suffering from amnesia following a suspected opioid overdose.

He noticed activity in the patient’s hippocampi, a sign of severe, exclusive injury to that area. Joined by his colleagues, Barash began research into the phenomenon.

Barash recently wrote a piece for the New England Journal of Medicine in which he explains how acute amnestic syndrome is associated with fentanyl overdose. 

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