Jeff Naeem Speaking about Junk-a-Haulics

Jeff Naeem ’09 recently released his book, Stupid Enough to Succeed, a definitive guide to business startup and achieving hyper-growth for the millennial entrepreneur. Stupid Enough to Succeed covers all the bases needed to evade the typical challenges startup businesses face.

About Jeff Naeem ’09

Major: Philosophy

Job Title: CEO of Junk-a-Haulics LLC

Campus Activities: Adirondack Adventure, Mock Trial, Woollcott Cooperative (coop), Writer's Bloc

Varsity & Club Sports: Alpine Skiing, Hamilton College Cycling Team

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Naeem used his success as the owner of Junk-a-Haulics, a removal and cleanout company, as a framework to write the book. Written by a millennial for the millennial generation, Naeem captures the nuanced millennial attitude toward entrepreneurship, and emphasizes the values of learning from failure to achieve success.

Stupid Enough to Succeed has been praised by today’s highest profile entrepreneurial thinkers, including Jason Womack, Verne Harnish, Bruce Eckfeldt, and others. Naeem has recently been featured in “The Daily Record ,” New Jersey Business magazine, “American Entrepreneurship.com” and on “School for Startups Radio” show.

Naeem acknowledges his Hamilton College professors for stressing the importance of deadlines and critical thinking in all facets of successful work-life.

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