Jennifer Morris K'72 to be Honored at UN on February 7

Jennifer Morris, a Kirkland College alumna is the founder of LocaWatt Solutions. Morris specializes in developing communication strategy and stakeholder interactions for corporations in transition.  With exceptional skills in writing and presentation, she has worked with senior executives and CEOs at public corporations such as IBM, EMC, VeriSign, Tyco, Unisys, and Microsoft.  Her work has also been featured at IBM's most prestigious sales events for over 10 years, as well as diverse theatrical venues, from Las Vegas to Boston's Symphony Hall.

Morris founded Image Engineering Corporation in 1979, which she then built into a profitable business. The firm operated in an FDA-regulated industry, producing laser devices for visual displays and entertainment. As President and Creative Director, she participated in high-profile projects such as the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, 1986 Liberty Weekend, and the 1988 Olympic Eve Festival in Seoul, Korea.

Additionally, Morris joined Preston Productions, Inc, of Marlborough MA, serving as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, where she worked with Fortune 500 firms to develop corporate events and communication strategies. She continues to consult with Preston clients on customer experience design, employee communication, and special programs.

Morris' interests include environmental and energy policy, corporate social responsibility, digital media production, hiking, camping and kayaking. Morris earned her MBA from the Simmons College Graduate School of Management in Boston. 

About Hamilton Ventures

Hamilton Ventures is an association of Hamilton College alumni with a common interest in new enterprise development.  Most of the members of Hamilton Ventures are involved with new enterprises as founders, officers, directors, employees, investors or advisors.  Hamilton Ventures is a means by which alumni support each other.  Hamilton Ventures sponsors events and activities that are intended to be informative and useful to its members and to facilitate member interaction.  The Hamilton Ventures Symposium is an annual meeting at which Hamilton alumni are recognized for their exceptional accomplishment by specific awards.  The first Symposium will be held on February 7,  2009 at the United Nations in New York.  See www.venturesymposium.com

The Hamilton Ventures Symposium is an annual event that brings alumni with an interest in new enterprises  together, and awards alumni who have made significant accomplishments in leadership.  The event includes a venture conference  with other AVAs  that is sponsored by Ivy Ventures, Inc.
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