Attendees of the 15th annual Group Decision and Negotiation Conference in Warsaw, Poland had the pleasure of hearing a keynote address from Jeswald W. Salacuse ’60. Salacuse, Henry J. Braker Professor of Law at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, part of Tufts University, titled his address “The Hidden Persuader – The Role of the Advisor in Negotiations and Group Decision Making.”

The conference took place from June 23-26, the same month that the second edition of his book The Law of Investment Treaties was published by Oxford University Press. The first edition has been cited in a number of important legal documents, including both the majority opinion and the dissent to 2014 BG Group plc. V. Argentina US Supreme Court case, written by Justice Stephen Breyer and Chief Justice John Roberts, respectively.

At Hamilton, Salacuse studied history and was involved with the Emerson Literary Society. He went on to earn his JD from Harvard University, and currently serves on the Panel of Conciliators for the World Bank. Since graduation, he has continued his connection to Hamilton through the Career Center Volunteer Program.

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